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The goal of the project is to give new life to crates and glass bottles and transform them into stools, tables, and even chairs.

Sumol has joined forces with Sociedade Ponto Verde and they are going to launch a furniture line made from recycled materials. The benches, tables, counters, and even chairs that will emerge from this collaboration will not be for sale, however, you can find them in cafes, esplanades, or at events and festivals promoted by Sumol.

The project’s objective is to “encourage and inspire the circular economy through the reuse of branded materials at the end of their life, such as plastic crates, glass bottles, and fruit pulp drums,” which can be read on Sociedade Ponto Verde’s webpage. 

Sumol and Sociedade Ponto Verde want to make consumers aware of the importance of the correct recycling of packaging and the reuse of materials, not dismissing the important role that the consumer has in the continuity of this type of project.

 “By giving a new life to iconic materials of Sumol we can not only improve our image and global positioning with our customers, through a visual emotional and trendy, but also raise awareness of a different and sustainable way of creating value, “explains Rodrigo Costa, marketing director for Portugal and Spain of Sumol + Compal.

This initiative is part of the sustainability strategy of Sumol+Compal and the company foresees that 1,500 crates and pallets, 10,500 glass bottles, and more than 100 drums will be reused for the construction of this furniture line made from recycled materials. 

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