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After having the service available in Laranjeiras, Parque das Nações and Marquês de Pombal, the Bairro app has opened two new dark stores in Lisbon.

The idea is simple and efficient: in just 15 minutes, the Bairro app promises to deliver your supermarket shopping at home, in the Lisbon area. And how is it possible to have your groceries at your home in such a short time? The service only operates within a radius of two kilometers from the warehouse where the more than 300 products available in the catalog are located, and this is how it is possible for the delivery to be made in such a short period of time.

The service was already available in the Laranjeiras, Parque das Nações and Marquês de Pombal areas, and recently the app opened two new dark stores in the capital: in Carnide and in Benfica. 

And the best part? There is no delivery charge, you don’t have to make a minimum order (which means you can order just an ice cream while you’re lost in the middle of blankets on your couch) and you can place your orders until three in the morning. 

All you have to do is download the app, choose the products you want to receive at your home, and wait up to 15 minutes. You have more than 300 products at your disposal, such as groceries, alcoholic drinks, hygiene products, or cleaning products.

The people responsible for the application want to take the application to Oporto soon and have non-prescription pharmaceutical products in their catalog. 

The Bairro app is free and available for both iOs and Android.


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