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The app is portuguese and so are the routes. Walkbox has new routes that pass by historic stores and cafes in the two largest portuguese cities.


Who has never wanted to walk around Lisbon or Porto, but didn’t know very well what to visit? With Walkbox this will no longer be a problem. This Portuguese application promotes walks with self-guided pedestrian routes that take us to the best spots in the city, from the busiest streets to the best kept corners.

Now, Walkbox presents new routes that promise to change the way you see the city of Lisbon and Porto. From a dive into culture to the best views of the city, the highlights of this new update include urban art, historic stores and cafes, and the best rooftops. And best of all, the app’s GPS map works even without internet access. No excuses: you can take that walk you’ve been planning for a long time, even if you’ve used up your mobile data package for the month.

Out of ideas? These new routes in Lisbon and Porto may be the solution. But this application doesn’t live only in big Portuguese cities. On Walkbox there are routes available in Portuguese and English in 10 regions of Portugal. There are more than 300 kilometers of walking paths with 1900 points of interest for you to visit. As for images of the places, you can count on 1300 original photos in this application.

Oh, and don’t forget that Walkbox is available for OS and Android devices.

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