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From apps with maps to others that help you manage your money, we have several suggestions that will enhance the experience during your next getaway. One of our suggestions, for example, is Freetour.

Besides allowing you to find the most adequate free walking tour for what you are looking for, it allows you to get to know the city in a relaxed and dynamic way. All this, of course, for a fair price. 

But we have more suggestions for you.

The best maps and transportation

After reading a lot about the city we are going to, watching many vlogs and reading other tourists’ opinions, when we arrive at the airport everything seems different, and we end up feeling lost. First, we advise you to research if there is any TVDE service in the city, because it can always be necessary. But if you want to make more trips by public transport install Citymapper, you just have to enter the attractions and places you want to visit. Once this is done, the application will take care of drawing, in detail, all the public transport routes you have at your disposal to get from point A to B.

We couldn’t forget Google Maps, which can also help you with transportation, car, bike and walking routes. Don’t forget to use the “add stop” option so you can design an entire itinerary and understand where in the city each attraction is located.

Managing money during the trip

“I pay and you give” is the usual phrase among friends. If you’re traveling with friends, everyone installs Splitwise, which synchronizes a sheet between everyone to write down all the payments. This method helps a lot to keep track of how much money you are spending.

If you just want to manage your money, Mobills is very intuitive. The application is divided into different categories, and you can manage different cards and accounts.

Still about money, if you are traveling to a city with another currency, use XE currency, which helps you with the euro conversion.

New ways to see the city

Travel is an experience that differs for each person, from the company, places to visit and even the type of travel. With the Geocaching application you can do “treasure hunts” around the city, and get to know new points of the city in a very original way.

Another option is the free walking tours, which allow you to know more about the city through the voice of a local, there are applications like freetour, guruwalk or showaround. At the end of each tour, with a guide, you choose the price you consider fair. 

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