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Straight from the comic books to the streaming screens, this is probably one of the most requested adaptations of DC Comics. And 30 years later it comes to life.


It arrived on Netflix on August 5 and is already a hit on social media (and on the streaming platform). But it’s not a novelty. Thirty years ago, this character from the DC Comics superhero universe had already won over the public when she was still stuck in the pages of comic books.

This series is based on the complex universe of the books with the same title, first released in 1989. For seven years, this collection was published and reached numbers and sales equal to or greater than those of stories like “Superman” or “Batman”, already well known to the public.

For 30 years, fans have been asking DC Comics to adapt this story, and although the author has received numerous proposals, it wasn’t until 2022 that his wish came true.

At a time when HIV was decimating much of the LGBTQIA+ population, the author did not leave out homosexual characters – and brought them into the spotlight. In these stories, readers also had unexpected players, from Shakespeare to Thor or Orpheus.

Morpheus, the king of dreams, who was held captive for 106 years, now comes to Netflix and tells his story in 10 episodes. Or at least part of it, because, between you and me, it seems highly likely that a second season is coming.

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