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Home parties are always more comfortable, there are always places to sit, hopefully, there are houses with a pool, and you (almost always) have an overnight stay included. The biggest challenge: keeping the dance floor active, so we bring you some Spotify playlists to liven up the parties with Brazilian music, songs that everyone knows or the 80’s that you can always dance to

Funk Playlist

We may have many taboos about funk music, but it always livens up every party and always involves laughter and lots of dancing

All the disco songs in one playlist

Yes, trust us, here you will find all the songs that have played at least once every night out, from Spanish music to Brazilian music or even the Portuguese music of the moment.


1.240 songs to sing out loud with your friends and dance to, the only rule: only 80’s music. 

Electronic Music

Are your friends not yet big fans of electronic music, like you? You’ll win them over with these lighter songs, ideal for sunset.


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