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Andre Peart served his sentence in 2018 in New York City. After almost six years in prison, he couldn’t find work in his field of training and living in shelters. Now, he fights so that no other former prisoner has to go through these hardships, through ConConnect. 

The reality of Andre Peart, 31, is similar to many other cases of former prisoners. After serving time they can’t find work. And being employed is one of the requirements of parole. 

When he left Bare Hill Penitentiary, Andre Peart was only able to work as a garbage collector and in the maintenance of a gym, with a degree and training in journalism. He states that this phase was similar to his time in prison, as he “wanted to flourish and do more so he could get out.”


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With the constant job search, he found one of the largest job networks- LinkedIn. However, he realized that even on digital, the fact that he had been in prison always decreased his chance of getting a job. Hence, ConConnect was born in 2020. In this social network all candidates have a criminal record, so companies are never surprised with this information. 

The platform works similarly to LinkedIn, adding the need to post the criminal record. In addition, the site accumulates different essential materials and services for an ex-convict, such as courses, employers, mental health support, and drugs. The site was designed to be a simple and intuitive tool, due to the great distance of inmates from technologies. 

Andre Peart’s main goal with this project is to gain the trust of companies and end the prejudice related to former inmates in employment. By the summer, the ambition is to be able to group 1000 job ads. The site already has 220 partners, 40 employees, and 60 services.  

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