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The app A Phenix has already arrived in the university city with discounts of up to 70%. There are restaurants, grocery stores, and pastry shops. The idea is to contribute to the end of food waste and still save some money.

The products you will buy are always in great condition but have not been sold during the time the restaurant or any other space is open. These surpluses are sold at a lower price because otherwise they would be thrown away. 

You install the app, choose what you want to buy, pay for it and just go to the place to pick it up. Phenix has been in Coimbra for two years, but it only worked with supermarkets; now, there are more than 20 partners where you can find cheaper food and combat waste. 

The project was born in 2014 and has already managed to promote 22 million meals and 1 800 tons of products that did not go to waste. 


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