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We have good news and bad news: the bad news is that it was limited edition and is no longer available. And the good news is that, until a new release arrives, you can ease the wait with the usual snacks. Until then, we reveal everything (that we can) about this brand innovation.

After a wide panoply of potato French fry flavors, Lay’s brand decided to revolutionize the use of the product and created a potato-based drink: in this case, a vodka. The new bet was a success, but it was a limited edition and sold out in a few days.

Only 1,300 numbered bottles were placed on the website of Eastside Distilling, from Portland, in the United States. Each one cost €36, with 750 ml and 40 percent alcohol content.

“We apologize, but we have run out of Lay’s vodka. Still, you can continue to enjoy the brand’s chips,” reads the official Instagram of Eastside Distilling.

Aside from corn, wheat, and rye, which are other ingredients that are commonly used to make this drink, the potatoes that are usually used in the preparation of the snack have been distilled to make this new vodka.

The used potatoes have been returned to the laboratory by scientists and are already patented. However, there is no confirmation yet that a new edition will be released

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