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No, the layout of the space isn’t exactly the same, but it includes the purple wall and even some of the elements of the original apartment. It’s in Lisbon and already on the Airbnb app.

Is Monica’s apartment from “Friends” in Lisbon and just a reservation on Airbnb away? No, but there is a place in Arroios that is totally inspired by the American sitcom. And the best part? You can spend a night over (or even several) with a simple reservation.

It’s not in New York and the main characters of the series “Friends” didn’t spend ten years in this apartment either. But judging by the decor, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a time machine and been catapulted back to 1994, when the sitcom was first broadcast on American television.

Located in Lisbon, more precisely in Arroios, it’s called The One in Lisbon and, after the pandemic disrupted its market launch in March 2020, it’s already “operating as normal as expected, as Airbnb” and taking bookings.

With three bedrooms (two with double bed and one with two single bed), a fully equipped kitchen with utensils, microwave, stove and oven, it also has a small balcony where the ambience of apartment 20 at number 90 Bedford St., in New York, intersects with the view of the capital.

The stay has a fixed price of €55 for two people (plus €15 for each additional person) and there is the possibility of check-in between 21h and midnight for an extra fee of €20. For check-in after midnight, the fee increases to € 40. Normal check-in hours are between 16h and 23h.

‘”It was impossible to make a total replica of Monica’s apartment, because it doesn’t have the same layout when compared to the original,” Melissa Çoruhlu, responsible for Misha’s Place, a local accommodation company in Lisbon, tells MAGG in an interview. For this reason, she says she decided to “take elements from Monica’s apartment and put them in this one”.

‘”We also added some paintings that are the same ones you see in their apartments [referring to the rest of the characters in the series], texts and phrases said in the series or details that are in each one’s rooms,” Çoruhlu continues.


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