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It has a strong flavor of chocolate, cookie, blackberry, black beer and wood – at least, according to the description in the tasting note. It is a limited edition, but you still have time to order it and draw your own conclusions.

Wine descriptions tend to be tricky to decipher, but Oreo’s new red wine escapes the rule. Since one of the flavors present is, obviously, chocolate. More precisely the chocolate from the Oreo Thins cookies.

The limited-edition wine was created in a partnership between the cookie brand and the company Harefoot Wines. It is a red wine and has been on sale since early December in the United States. And no, it doesn’t cost a fortune. But we’ll get to that in a moment.

What do red wine and chocolate have in common? Apparently, everything. At least, according to Sydney Kretzmann, manager of the cookie brand. “Everyone knows that red wine goes well with chocolate. Oreo and Barefoot Wine will take this classic combination to a totally delicious level.” he explained in a statement to “Hypebeast”.

The combination was made with Oreo Thins, the ones that have less filling and have a thinner format than usual. As you would expect, this new wine has a strong chocolate flavor, but excels in secondary flavors such as cookie, blackberry, black beer and wood – at least according to the description in the tasting note.

“With a light, crunchy, delicate texture and a touch of filling, Oreo cookies have always been perfect for adults. We look forward to everyone tasting this new wine”; continued Sydney Kranzmann.

And because gifts don’t have to stay only for the Christmas season, the new Oreo red wine is the perfect gift for all lovers of the original cookies. But run, since it is a limited edition, which is only on sale in the United States for €22.

After Lay’s new potato-based vodka, Oreo is yet another snack brand to create an alcoholic beverage.



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