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Next academic year, the first master’s degree in creative writing in the country will start at the University of Coimbra. The goal is to develop skills in literary writing, audiovisual narratives, and performing arts. In addition, to train professionals in writing more focused on the arts and culture. 

The study plan includes several optional courses, so you can build and shape your academic path to your chosen areas. This course has different practical courses, such as workshops on digital writing, poetry, or creative writing. In the first year, the first semester, you only have three compulsory courses: Reading and Performance and Language and Writing, and one workshop. The master’s takes two years, and in the last year, you can choose to develop a dissertation, a writing project, or an internship. 

Applications for this master’s are now open, you only need to have a degree, and a school, scientific or professional curriculum that is appropriate for the course. As the learning and assessment languages are English and Portuguese you need to have an English level C1. Finally, you need to submit a written production of yours (published or unpublished) to be evaluated on your level of literary creation. Excited about the master? Express this in the mandatory motivation letter that you need to submit with your application. 

If you can’t get into this first round of applications, you have two more opportunities: in the second round (June 1st to July 15th) and the third round (September 1st to 13th).

The master’s degree lasts two years and begins on the 12th, find out more here. 


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