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Is parking in Lisbon a challenge for you? EMEL’s new car park solves all your parking dramas in the center of Lisbon. The best part is that it’s open 24 hours a day.

EMEL has inaugurated a new car park at the Beat Creative Hub, with 63 spaces and the option of monthly subscriptions – for residents and also for the “general public”. So, yes, this car park might be the perfect option for you.

The new Beato Creative Hub Park will operate 24 hours a day, with face-to-face service and assistance during daytime hours (8h-21h) and remote service during nighttime hours.

The 35,000 m2 space in Beato, which once housed the former Military Maintenance, is currently in the hands of Startup Lisboa, which is responsible for selecting the future occupants of the more than 20 buildings of the Beato Creative Hub — one of the major projects for the city of Lisbon in the areas of technology, innovation and creative industries.

According to EMEL, the new car park was designed and built in just two and a half months, thanks to a 51 thousand euros investment that add 63 parking spaces to the 6535 that already existed in 38 municipal parks, informs “Time Out” magazine.

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