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Next spring, the University of Texas will open enrollment for the chair that will look at everything about the success that is Harry Styles.


The solo artist has been a hit in music, movies, and is preparing to be the main figure in a teaching chair.

What does “Watermelon Sugar” mean anyway? How does Harry Styles manage to influence his loyal legion of fans? And how does this One Direction boy sell out every stage he steps on? These are some of the questions that students at the University of Texas can see answered in this chair.

The success of the British singer is undeniable. But there are many particularities in the life of this star, both in music and film, that need to be studied – or at least that’s what this university considers. “Harry Styles and the cult of celebrity: identity, the internet, and European pop culture” will start being taught as early as next spring.”

The focus will be on Styles’ cultural and political development in relation to issues of gender and sexuality, race, class, nation, fashion, fan culture, Internet culture, and consumerism. Among the topics covered will be the early One Direction albums through to the culmination of Harry Styles’ growth as a solo artist.

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