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Until April 25, at Rua de Miguel Bombarda, in Porto, works by eight national and international photographers will be exhibited. The exhibition is based on the documentary series The Unexposed, from Canal180. 

The idea of the exhibition is to “reinforce the identity of the series and Canal180”, showing its content more tangibly. In addition, the format is different than usual, as all the works will be on display in an abandoned garage.

The works are by Alec Castillo, Anabela Pinto, Cian Oba-Smith, Devin Blaskovich, Jetro Emilcar, Laura Chen, Maria Baoli, and Starry Kong. 

The series addresses the theme of the rapid consumption of photographs, due to the Internet and social media. Therefore, the aim is to present the works of young artists from a new generation of photographers. 

The exhibition is free and you can visit it Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday between 4pm and 7pm, at Rua de Miguel Bombarda, #425. 


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