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The Italian city will now charge tourists an entrance fee of 5€.

It is not news that Venice wanted to implement a tourist tax, as this idea was put forward during the summer of 2021. This measure had already been presented as a possibility to combat over-tourism in the city and should come into effect during 2022. 

As was seen at the beginning of the first confinement after the appearance of Covid-19, the canals of Venice have been thankful for the lack of tourists as the water quality has improved substantially. The flow of tourists in the Italian city is quite high, around 100,000 visitors per day, and the issue of over-tourism has been much debated.

Euronews reported that the Italian authorities have announced that they will soon introduce a limitation on the number of people allowed in Venice. This away, the measure will help to reduce mass tourism in the city of the canals. 

In the summer of 2021, cruise ships were banned in the historic center of the city so that Unesco world heritage status could be maintained.

Euronews also reported that the entrance fee in Venice will soon come into effect. In other words, in 2022, tourists will only be able to visit the Italian city after booking their tickets online and paying a 5€ entrance fee. These tickets will only be valid for 24 hours, in an attempt to limit the number of visitors to the city. 

Another of the goals of this measure is to discourage those who enter the city via tours or cruises and favor those who stay more than one day in the city, with stay included – since only the first entry is paid for.

The city’s residents and workers will be an exception, and the possibility of placing turnstiles to control entry and exit of Venice is being considered.



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