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Do you have some free time between the rush of classes, tests and homeworks and would like to help others (even if it’s just to accumulate good karma)? We give you 5 good reasons to do volunteering.

Helping those in need without expecting anything in return is not, nor does it have to be a big deal. There are multiple ways to help without having to spend money (because we know well that students have a tight budget).

For that very reason, and to awaken the Good Samaritan in you, we bring you some great reasons to stop using your free time to procrastinate and start using it to improve the world (even if just a little bit).

  • Helping (of course, what else would it be?)

The first reason seems obvious, but it’s not that obvious. Sometimes we tend to complicate what is easy and, for this very reason, helping someone in need does not imply an elaborate plan. It just involves the time you can spare and the will to improve (as little as it is) the life of another person.

What’s certain is that, while you’re helping other people, you’ll feel better about yourself and have a sense of accomplishment that can’t be matched by any other. You’ll also have a different view of the world, valuing what you already have because, after all, not all of us are lucky enough to have access to basic health care or a roof over our heads.

  •  Use your free time for something that really makes a difference

Life as a college student can be exhausting, and often you may feel like you don’t even have time to close your eyes and sleep. But the truth is, there are times more complicated than others when time management works wonders.

You may not have a lot of free time, but if you add that half an hour of procrastination on Instagram while you study, with the several stops to watch TikToks, you will see that you actually had an hour or two when you could help someone who really needs your time.

  •  Relativizing your problems is a synonym of growth

The transition from high school to higher education is, for many, a very big leap that involves sudden growth. This growth often happens while you are a college student.

Growing up implies having a broader vision of what is going on around us and for that very reason, having access to other realities than the one we are used to will certainly make us grow up and also start recognizing the value of the smallest things.

What is a given for us may not be so for other people, and putting ourselves in the other person’s shoes will undoubtedly make us appreciate much more what we have and be more grateful for those same things.

In this way, volunteering has the ability to let you know new and different realities, while acquiring skills that will be valuable to you as a human being living in community.

  •  Give and take (double at least)

Most likely you’ve heard that putting on your resume that you do or have done volunteering will help you get hired. Each case is unique, but what is certain is that companies are increasingly concerned about having workers who have the soft skills acquired through volunteering.

If you have never done any volunteering, don’t fear it, you are more than on time! It’s never too late to start helping out and there’s no better time to do it than as an “adult in training”.

It is a case to say that being a volunteer is really a give and take. If you think you have a lot to give, you can’t imagine what you might receive!

  •  Finding new friends (and love, who knows)

Volunteering is a great opportunity to meet people and maybe make new friends. Whether it’s a volunteer like you or someone who needs your help, the truth is that meeting other people always adds something extra.

Whether it’s because they come from a different country, a different culture or simply live on the same street as you but didn’t know each other, establishing new relationships will open your horizons and your way of seeing the world.

Go on the ride and you might meet the love of your life while doing good, that’s a situation worthy of a movie to say the least!

Whatever is your reason for volunteering, the truth is that all reasons are more than valid when it comes to helping someone in need. So, enjoy your free time and, above all, enjoy the experience!



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