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Besides the exercise plan, Veo will also share content related to nutrition, psychology and coaching. All this for free and for one year.

Between work, classes and presentations, sometimes it’s hard to find a little space in the agenda to get some exercise. Besides, adding to the expenses that a college student must have, having a slice of the budget available to pay the monthly fee of a gym is, for many, an impossible task. 

Sure, you can exercise for free, like running or even hiking, but nothing compares to having a plan drawn up by professionals in the field. Since the beginning of the pandemic, many were the bedrooms or living rooms that were turned into private gyms, since many of the gyms were closed due to Covid-19.

In this period, many initiatives appeared that encouraged exercise, even if in a different environment from that found in an ordinary gym. This way Veo appeared, the “first online gym in Portugal” that has more than 300 online classes available, among them strength, cardio, dance and posture classes, so you can be able to train wherever and whenever you want. 

“The idea is to engage the 94% of the Portuguese population that doesn’t exercise and doesn’t have healthy habits. Therefore, we decided to create daily content that meets the three main problems of those who don’t have this kind of routine: lack of time, money and motivation,” explains Jorge Mendes, Veo’s director. 

The plan suggested by the brand involves only seven minutes of daily exercise, is “totally free” and enables participants to receive, on a daily basis, content capable of motivating them to reach whatever goals they have. The training plan will be shared for a year, during which “nutrition, psychology and coaching content will also be made available that will touch on several points, both personal and professional, of each person who does the plan, so that they can achieve small goals in different areas,” adds Jorge Mendes.

If you’re interested in participating, all you have to do is subscribe to Veo’s Youtube channel and activate notifications so you’ll always know when new content is available. 



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