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The experience of living in a university residence has many facets. As the student Beatriz Graça writes

Finding a room in the city where you study is not always easy. That’s why there are, for example, university residences, usually located near the poles of the universities.

During my first year of college I lived in a university residence and it is a different experience, however, one that I find enriching. Something you learn is to share. Not all residences are like this, however, in the residence I was in, I shared a room with another girl. Although we were in the same space, each one had her own things and her own life.

Something that is also usually shared is the kitchen and the bathrooms. Although there are several people living in the same space, sometimes what happens is that you hardly cross paths with almost anyone.

Living in a university residence allows you to save some money but also to have a good experience of just living with friends throughout the building.

So if you are going to university now, you can always find out if the university has accommodation and try to apply. Usually this process is simple and quick, all you have to do is provide information regarding your household income.

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