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It is now possible to call a bus through an app. Want to know how? We explain everything!

Until now it was not possible to call a bus.  However, the story is now different: Carris is testing a new mode of travel in which, through an app, you can call a bus as if it were a taxi.

The dynamics is simple: just download the XBUS app, register in the application and, from then on, you can access the map where the new XBUS operates, in Lisbon. Since it is still an experimental phase, the buses with this service only work in one part of the city: Avenidas Novas, Campolide and São Domingos de Benfica. 

Therefore, you just need to select the origin stop or the pick-up point and the app automatically informs you of the waiting time. It is even possible to see in real time the bus moving. After confirming the request, just wait for the notification that the XBUS is arriving.

The payment of the trip is made through the validation of the travel title, as it is already usual practice in Carris transports. The value of the ticket also in no way differs from the values charged on the other buses.

XBUS is a project funded by C-STREETS and aims to provide mobility on demand. This service is available on weekdays between 8 am and 8 pm.

The app is available for both Android and iOs.


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