Tempo de leitura: 2 minutos

The best part? Your four-legged friend can help you solve the crimes.

The adventure is scheduled for February 12th, and the scenario is simple: there have been, in the space of 24 hours, four murders in Lisbon that are linked to each other. It is, therefore, urgent to find the criminal so that no one else gets hurt, and that is exactly where you come in. You, and at least one other detective, since the groups have a minimum of two participants and a maximum of six. 

You will have to solve puzzles, decipher clues, and even deal with eyewitnesses and all potential suspects. All this with the guarantee that safety is maintained, since the activity takes place outdoors and you will only have contact with the detectives in your group. How will the remaining interactions be made? It’s simple, through an app. 

This activity worthy of the best detectives in the country was organized by CluedUpp Games, one of the largest European companies promoting city tours and experiences.

So, you have until 5 pm to solve this mystery, but you can start it whenever you want, as each team starts when they want, as long as they start the activity between 9 am and 2 pm. The detectives will travel between three and five kilometers to find the criminal, and the experience will last between two to three hours. 

The ticket for this experience costs 62€ per team, of up to six people, and you can buy it through the website. You can even bring your pet so that it too can be a detective and help you solve the puzzle. Children under 16 and pets do not pay. 

Besides solving the crime and finding the criminal, you can also win prizes, since several teams will be distinguished: the fastest team to solve the case, the best-dressed team (inspired by CSI), the team with the best photo, the team with the best name, or even the best pet photo. 

The winner of each category will receive a voucher for another CluedUpp Games event.



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